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Manuel Pietra, President & CEO

About Manuel Pietra, FreeBalance President and CEO
Manuel Pietra is a global executive with more than 25 years of successful management experience from companies in the United States, Canada, Europe, South Africa, and Latin America. As President and CEO of FreeBalance, Mr. Pietra leads global growth strategies and customer engagement. Mr. Pietra has transformed FreeBalance into a customer-centric and socially responsible company. Mr. Pietra won the 2011 Next Generation Executive of the Year Award sponsored by the Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation (OCRI). His leadership and vision also led the company to win the prestigious 2009 Canada Export Achievement Award.

Manuel Pietra has held executive positions on the boards of several international companies and actively participated in the venture capital arena. Mr. Pietra has participated in several successful IPO’s in the USA, Europe and South Africa and presently is a board member for the International Consortium on Government Financial Management (ICGFM). Mr. Pietra is multilingual and graduated in Business Management from the South African Institute of Management. He often speaks at high profile investment seminars and technology conferences across the world in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French.

Donald Gibbons, Chief Financial Officer

Donald Gibbons has a broad experience in business and financial engineering, including corporate restructuring, acquisitions, and divestitures. Gibbons held various senior financial and general management positions, including 10 years with CIBC Corporate Banking Group after leaving Ernst & Young. While based in Canada and Hong Kong, Gibbons was responsible for structuring and negotiating complex domestic and international financing transactions.

As Chief Financial Officer at FreeBalance, Gibbons is responsible for the overall financial, legal and administrative operations of the company. Gibbons holds a BA from the University of Western Ontario and an MBA from McMaster University. He is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

Doug Hadden, Vice President, Products

Doug Hadden is an industry veteran with an extensive experience in enterprise technologies. Hadden has more than 20 years of management, sales, marketing and product management experience at several industry-leading public and private companies, including Standard Register, Delano Technology, Platform Computing, Hummingbird, and Olivetti. Hadden is a recognized expert in strategic planning and technology in government.

As VP Products at FreeBalance, Hadden is responsible for all aspects of global marketing, business development and product management. Hadden is also the Chief Customer Advocate responsible for aligning FreeBalance activities with customer priorities. He holds a BA Honours degree in Political Science from Carleton University.

Suanne Dorion, Vice President, Operations

Suanne Dorion is a leader in best practices for global implementations with 20 years of experience in large projects management and technical roles at financial and performance software companies. She brings experience in the entire product lifecycle, including feasibility studies, requirements analysis, design, development, quality assurance, delivery and post-delivery support. Dorion has been noted for her leadership and success in managing the delivery of solutions in developing nations.

As VP Operations at FreeBalance, Dorion is responsible for project deployments and delivery of planning, implementation, and sustainability services to governments worldwide. Dorion has provided senior leadership on a wide range of international projects.

Matthew Olivier, Director, Marketing & Corporate Development

Matthew Olivier is responsible for providing strategic marketing and communications direction for FreeBalance products, solutions and services and for presenting the FreeBalance brand worldwide. He also directs an alliance and partnership program focused on creating a global network of public financial management expertise to support FreeBalance customers.

Olivier has an extensive background in public relations and international marketing and has spent more than 12 years in the high technology field. He has played a lead role in helping FreeBalance establish itself as the public sector brand of choice for government financial management through customer-centric initiatives such as the FreeBalance International Steering Committee (FISC) and the introduction of new client outreach and support programs. Olivier has a Bachelor of Journalism degree from Carleton University which he obtained in 1996.

Aldo Sagastume, Director, New Product Development

Aldo brings more than 13 years of experience working with Integrated Financial Management Information Systems, at the national and sub-national government levels in different countries. As a Director of New Product Development, Sagastume designs the new Government Resource Planning (GRP) software suite. He aligns product requirements with customer needs, market requirements, industry best practices and international standards.

Sagastume manages the FreeBalance team in Guatemala. He holds a Master Business Administration from Instituto Universitario de Postgrado, Spain and a Systems Engineering from Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala.

Gerard Rao, Director, Customer Satisfaction

Gerard Rao is an expert in building and managing successful customer service with over 15 years of experience in customer support and quality assurance. Rao leverages experiences from Neuma Technology, Watchfire and ActivCard to introduce a Customer Oriented Software Quality Assurance (COSQA) methodology at FreeBalance.

As Director of Customer Satisfaction at FreeBalance, Rao is responsible for all pre- and post-sales support activities and internal IT services. Rao leads the "customer-centric" processes at FreeBalance, including collecting and analyzing product issues, collaborating with customers and investigating methods of improvement. He holds a BA Honours Degree in Geography and Political Science from Carleton University and a graduate diploma in Applied Information Technology.

Carol Tracey, Director, Human Resources

Carol Tracey directs FreeBalance human resource management strategies to support worldwide growth. Carol designs and implements global talent management programs to attract, develop, and retain qualified talent that compliment the high performance culture of FreeBalance.

Carol has more than 20 years of human resource management leadership experience in the high tech industry including executive positions held at IBYHR, Optovation, Sige Semiconductor and Nitidus Technologies. Carol has participated with multiple M&A activities, corporate restructuring and fundraising activities.

Carol has successfully aligned FreeBalance human resource practices with company growth to enhance the workforce capability set, helping to develop an international presence for the company by doubling the FreeBalance workforce in a two year period.